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Coral Reef Island

Bringing a Piece of the Ocean to Every Aspiring Hobbyist in the Sparks/Reno Area!

Clownfish in Aquarium

About The Brand

ReefNRelax is a service that leads everyone who joins to one goal, a beautiful saltwater aquarium without ANY maintenance. Well, there will constantly be cleaning and water changes, but what if someone professional with years of experience and knowledge about the hobby came by and did everything for you? Imagine all the time you would save, not to mention you get to truly enjoy a piece of a coral reef in your own living space/business!



Down Below Are the Different Services I Can Provide for Your Fishy Friends!


"Simple Scrub"

As The Name Suggests This Package Includes a Basic Visit,  I Will Come By Your Home to Perform the Following.


  • Scraping of the Glass       

  • Wiping the Front Glass    

  • Change Sock/Floss            

  • Scrubbing of the Rocks   

  • Cleaning of Equipment   

  • Feeding Fish/Coral             


"Water Change"

This Package Includes Both the Simple Scrub Along With a Water Change and Testing of Your Water Parameters. 

The Parameters I Can Test-

  • Salinity                                      

  • P04 (Phosphates)              

  • N03 (Nitrates)                       

  • Alkalinity                                 

  • Calcium                                  

  • Magnesium                          

  • Ammonia                              

  • Nitrite                                      


"ReefNRelax Special"

With This Package it's a Complete Program for People That Don't Have a Saltwater Tank or Have No Idea Where to Start. 

I Will Take Care Your Tank for You For a Full Year Until Your Tank Fully Matures! I Will Come By Every Weeks, Every Other Week, Whatever Your Schedule Offers and I Will Manage Your Aquarium. No Work Will Come On Your End! 

ReefNRelax Program Explained

How this program works is that we will talk through Zoom and go over what you are looking for. I will go through the following.

  • What Size Tank You Want 

  • The Rock Work/ Aquascape 

  • What Livestock You Wish to Live in Your Little Box of Saltwater!

  • What Equipment is Best for Your Tank? (Lighting, Mechanical Filtration, Biological Filtration, Heater, etc.)


Then, after we have your tank plan together, I will get what you need to be ordered, bring it to you, and put it all together for you! Along with the cycling process. From there, I will come by every week (you choose what days work best!) and take care of your tank so you don't ever have to stick your hands in your tank!



What drives people away from this hobby is that many experienced hobbyists say that Reef Tanks are very expensive and challenging to take care of. Well, I'm here to tell you that these claims couldn't be further from the truth! You can easily set up a low-cost and easy care tank. I will show you just how simple this hobby can be with this program! An aquarium (like in the image to the left) can be achieved with little cost and work. Why buy the newest and craziest gear when you can use the basics? With all the equipment AND livestock! There are even tanks that run with zero filtration!

The Idea

I Wanted To Come Up With a Service for Somebody Who Doesn't Have the Free Time to Spend 2 Years Researching This Hobby. It's Quite a Headache When You Dive into Things and There Are Too Many Questions. What Salt to Buy? What Fish Get Along With Each Other? How Much Water Flow Do Corals Need? What's the Best Protein Skimmer? Breathe! Relax! Most Beginners Want a Pair of Clownfish (Nemo) and an Anemone For Your Kids. Instead of Wondering if You Could've Bought Something Better, I Will Pick Out The Best Equipment and Products that Have Proven to Work!​ This Program Will Not Only Save You Years of Researching Forums, Articles, YouTube Videos, etc. It Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Equipment You Don't Need, as well as Fish and Corals Dying from Lack of Care, Maintenance, and, Information!


Book a Free Call!

If any of this interests you or you believe that I can help you achieve your dream aquarium, book a call with me. We can figure out a plan to make that dream come true.

Find a time on Damon's calendar today and I'll look forward to speaking with you soon!

This Call Is Perfect For:

Someone who wants a relaxing piece of the ocean to sit back and have a nice drink to.

Someone who wants to gift their child a pet that the parent won't end up taking care of.

Someone who wants to add something unique to their desk space at their job and impress your coworkers.

Someone who wants to add movement to their business or office and relieve stress from their client or customers.

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